Ex Mom Movement

Rates : 106

  • Cast: Goldie, Riley Reid, Allie Haze, Karla Kush, Mercedes Carrera

    Mercedes Carrera is having an identity crisis. It`s as if the life she ended up with was never intended for her. This is the type of turmoil one can end up in when we strive to meet someone else`s high set expectations. Mercedes has been seduced by not one but four of her step-daughters, all from previous marriages. Her dilemma harkens back to a time when things were easier. We know Mercedes has had a rich, formative past, but will her new therapist Allie Haze pick up on Mercedes` stifled lesbian inner voice, or help Mercedes be that same boring housewife she`s always thought she wanted to be? Witness Mercedes` incredible transformation from typical heterosexual housewife, through a journey into her past, leading her to become the star lesbian MANTIS agent we`ve grown to know and love. A girlsway film.